Saturday, 7 May 2011

voting over what do we have....

Not a lot has changed in Wales, Labour I suspect will go into a coalition with the Liberals, may as well they messed up in England perhaps labour can help them in Wales, but will the Liberals fall for it.

I was talking about welfare reforms to a councilor at the polling station, ah yes he said I've not noticed to many disabled people, I asked how can you tell if they are disabled, oh he said thinking they drive new cars. Well thats it then if you drive a new car in Wales your disabled.

My friend who has been disabled all his life has been told his contract at a retail Unit will not be renewed this year, he has been working at the place for five years, but he only gets a one year contract.

Then another friend told me he has been laid off as well, he said they had told him they were getting rid of non essential jobs, which is like telling somebody your a waste of time and we are getting rid of you.

Then I hear that a person who works for the council is being let go, as they try to save money now get this, she was told they had to do this to try and keep essential people. Nothing like knowing your getting the sack because your non essential.

I cannot wait to see where the hell I will be going to find work.

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