Thursday, 5 May 2011

Is he disabled seems not?

FATHER of five crippled with chronic arthritis, heart disease and gout was told he was fit enough to work as part of a review of disability benefit claimants.

Said Rohamed, aged 64, was forced to give up work at the GKN Hardy Spicer factory in Erdington 15 years ago due to his arthritis.

He has been claiming Disabled Living Allowances (DLA) for care and mobility, currently worth about £400 a month, ever since.

The divorced father, who has three grown-up sons and two daughters, has also suffered a heart attack, survived prostrate cancer and has asthma.

But, following a 20-minute interview with a Department for Work and Pensions doctor, his DLA was stopped because he was deemed fit enough to work.

The decision also meant that Mr Rohamed, who lives alone in a flat in Bridley Drive in Birmingham city centre, would have to give up his mobility scooter

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