Sunday, 22 May 2011

Red Ed

So Miliband says again the middle class are the people to make of break Labour, the working class are mostly thick uneducated morons who would vote Labour even if it became New Labour. So the battle is set Labour must get back the swing voters of the hard pressed middle class, who are suffering under the Tories.

I suspect the poorest can see the taxation go up again as Labour would press forward with cutting the poorest within the middle class.

It must be me but the battle is now on to see which of the blue core parties Tory Labour liberals who can win back those pesky middle class swingers who swung back to the Tories.

Me I swinging out of bothering to vote.


The Red Flag said...

Red Ed is wrong. The biggest collapse of Labour's vote has been in it's core - the working class.

And the reason is siple enough - New Labour would not deliver what the workers wanted only what it wanted. In short it failed to justify it's existance.

Robert said...

The sad fact is we do not have a party which even thinks the working class is real, even the working class does not think it's real.

Look at Tesco Asda and the retailers who do not allow Union representation Mc Donald's is another and labour did sod all to stop this.

People should be angry but they are just grateful