Sunday, 15 November 2009

start again

This is going nowhere, my job center refuses to even see me now, because well they are so busy.

On three occasions I went down, and was told by the security to come back after Christmas, whats the use of telling the disabled your not doing enough, if you cannot get the help, this dam government promised.

So they said come back about April 2010, but they did say you can look without using the job center. nice to know.

I think I'll start talking about my new community work, except I've been told that they are going to offer this to young people leaving school, so they can get this put on the CV.

Anyone get the feeling nobody gives a shit anymore.

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Maggie May said...

I have just read your last few posts and I see that you are very disillusioned about lack of work & the government's attitude.
I have a friend in her fifties who has been made redundant and although she has very good qualifications...... she cannot get another job, even down grading herself. We feel that it is ageism and I have a feeling that it is the same with discrimination against disabled people too.
We have to keep hoping though and try and keep our morale high.Don't give up.

Nuts in May