Friday, 6 May 2011

Are you disabled come tell us?????

I'm parplegic but that means nothing these days, nothing at all.

Rising from sitting and transferring from one seated position to another:
Cannot complete both of the following—

(a) rise to standing from sitting in an upright chair without receiving physical assistance from someone else; and

(b) move between one seated position and another seated position located next to one another without receiving physical assistance from someone else

If a claimant can do either one of these activities they are not eligible for the Support Group.
Again, this descriptor reflects a severe restriction of lower and upper limb function. Again, the claimant who has quadriplegia may fulfil these requirements. A claimant with paraplegia who has reasonable upper limb function may not fall into this support group as they may have good ability to independently transfer from one seat to another.
Information must be obtained at the pre-board check to confirm details of their disability and likelihood of restriction of both the rising and transferring activities. (See section 3.3 for further details of assessment at the LCW/LCWRA medical examination of this type of activity).

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