Monday, 19 January 2009

Nothing yet

Well this blog is going to be short, I've been told not to attend a further interview until July 2009.

So I've joined another private group who told me they would find me work within weeks because they have the pulse of the nation and the nations wants the disabled in work not sponging off the state. Nice to know I'm sponging, but I'm not I worked for 28 years non stop and then had an accident so the insurance part of my National insurance stamp pays for me, it's not my fault in labour uses that money for something else.

Sadly this week another 300 people have been made redundant in my area making it, in two years 9480 people laid off .

But Labour now has a problem does it not if it cannot spend more money to put more people into v cowboy training programs they will soon have more people unemployed then Thatcher did.

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Charlie Marks said...

Unemployment could get up to 3.5 million!

Keep blogging, Robert! It might seem small, but these things grow & you get more readers.

BTW, I'm not aware of any other socialist blogs written by people who are disabled, are you?

Also, are you a member of any political party? I was under the impression (misapprehension?) that Labour was less New in Wales than in England? Do you think this is true? What do you think of the proposals for a Welsh parliament - will greater devolution mark a shift in policy on unemployment?