Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I thought come on Rob go down to the job center take a look, gets to the door Hier Hitler comes over, your back again you have been told they do not have time now to help you. I was kicked out of the job center for god sake.

This blog started so I could write about my problems finding work, now I cannot even do this because I cannot get into my bloody job center.

Give me a break.

I think it's a waste of time writing about my employment, so I think I'll need to look at other means of writing something.

Oh I had an email from the job center with a list of jobs available.

Sic jobs.

Dentist for NHS practise.

Three dental nurses.

Dentist working for private practise.

Solicitor needed for busy practise.

Carer needed good working conditions MWP that's min wage payment which is of course £5.73.

sales person needed must have five years experience working from home self employed commission only.

Great jobs think I'll ask if they have a training program for dentists.

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