Thursday, 16 April 2009

OK well writing about the Job centers no good, being told to wait until July well it's a bit to long, I did go down and join another job broker, but the job broker said they have to wait to see what funding it would get from Government, they said the funding they did have was gone.

So what to write about well how about electric cars, I had a poster sent to me about looking at electric cars, it said new money would be put into green cars a two seater vehicle, so I had a look it has two seats and it has a boot my wheelchair would not fit into, they said the battery could be charged in two hours, but really needed 24 hours and it does 40 miles with a top speed of 40 mph. I was told the speed could be increased but the mileage goes down.

But looking at these cars the though of Clive Sinclair came to mind silly looking vehicles which will be bought for the kids and left to rot, ok these cars are a little bigger but two seaters for god sake, we are told you can by a car for the family but you can buy one of these for a run about, ok ok I'll buy one, nope sorry 2011 or perhaps 2012, so why is Brown offering us £5,000 well it's for buying a hybrid. Hold on a minute they go on fuel as well my uncle has one so far he has only put in petrol.

Anyone feel this is another bit of bull shit from new labour.


Charlie Marks said...

Yeah, sounds like "greenwash". And it's a market mechanism - incentivising consumers rather than getting car companies to shift production to more energy efficient cars... And anyway, how many people will be able to afford a car in 2011, even with a 5k handout from the govt?

Robert said...

Not me anyway