Thursday, 19 February 2009

I've been back down to my job center went up to the computers pulled myself out of the wheelchair to try and use the stupid things, but they are to high for a wheelchair user. So I was asked if I needed help, and I said yes please, the chap went away came back and said you have to make an appointment.

Then that night I hear Labour saying they have spent billions putting in place help for the unemployed, yes but by appointment only.

The job center had a lot of people sitting talking chatting and moaning , so I asked whats the matter a women then said she had applied for benefits to be told because she has a slight disability, she was told that sickness benefits is her way forward, she said but I'm not really disabled, to be told yes but you are disabled.

Anyone think we are back at the Thatcher and Blair years of hiding unemployment by using sickness, this is the third time I've heard people say they have been told to see a doctor.

here we go again.


Charlie Marks said...

I'm reminded of an episode of Yes Minister when Sir Humphrey has changed some statistics and Hacker says "I told you I wanted something done about these figures!" rather than just "massaging" them....

Robert said...

Yes Minister has a lot to offer new labour for idea's.