Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well great first week of school holidays total wash out massive rain floods and bloody swine flu.

Go to the cinema to see Harry Potter it's empty and I mean empty.

I asked is the film that bad and she says nope swine flu people are not going, we come out 9.45 every dam pub is full the clubs are heaving, one young lady no more then 18 laying in the middle of the road waving her knickers in the air, Tits hanging out screaming give me sex (not the words she used). The police pick her up throw her in the back of the van ,the boy friends argues with the Police to leave her go, and spews up on the road and over a police officer.

Taxi arrives he says sorry about the smell I just cleaned it up, two people in the back one messed her self, it's a Bloody Wednesday not the weekend for god sake.

Where the hell are we going...

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Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

Welcome to binge drink Britain, a complete crock of sh!te