Tuesday, 9 August 2011

how many sick and disabled are now working


I asked how many people are now in work after labour and the Tories back to work, she said no records yet, it will take a few years, I said how many people are now getting IB and ESA, she said no records at the moment. So I said come on you must know a rough guide.

people claiming benefits for sickness and disability now stands at 2.6 million as from July this year.

But hold on hundreds of millions have been spent and yet disability welfare is going up from 2.4 million to 2.6 million, we are told 90% of people are refused benefits because they are scroungers, yet right now welfare is going up.

I'm not a racist well not yet, but could the government like labour in 1997 who knew they were going to do a bit of social engineering by an open door immigration, know that a lot of people who would end up here would in fact end up on welfare, immigrants cannot get welfare, oh yes they can if they come from the EU, or they come here to people who are already here.

Have we seen social engineering within Welfare.

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