Sunday, 14 August 2011


I'm told I need to get doctors letters of course £75, I will need to have a letter from all the consultants who will all tell everyone how serious fucked up my life is. cost well lets see £225 each were talking £1000.

Then I will need social services to tell these twats of so called ATOS doctors yes he is a risk yes he will cut his wrist, but he has some money to pay for a letter.

well sorry this ATOS doctor will need to work when he see's me no letters no medical documents, the DWP already has these they paid for them if they want them again they know where the doctors are.

I have not seen a specialist for six months and have no intention of going back to be told sorry no more we can do for you get on with life the best you can.

We are now told if your seen planting flowers in a garden or painting a fence from your wheelchair then your not bed bound, if you can drive a car I was told last month then you can drive a bus or a taxi, except of course the DVLA would need to give me back my full driving licence.

So what the fuck is going on are we saying now a person who cannot walk should not try or should not have a go are we saying sitting in a wheelchair gardening now means I can drive an HGV lorry.

So what is going on, I already get told by the Job center to check jobs at home do not come to the job center because we are to busy, if I check the computer where is the help which was promised, if they mean by help a snotty eighteen year old who will not shake your hands because you have something and might pass it on.

Riots was it the disabled that caused it, well yes we have done verything else.

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