Friday, 12 August 2011

London's burning, it was not me it was him

London's Burning and the police are standing watching, as one young officer stated all I had was my shirt, my stab proof vest and my shield not a lot you can do with that, true.

But who are these people that caused this battle, well one day it was Black drug dealers fighting over drugs, then it was council house scum, then it was sewer rats, one shop owner who had her BMW out side the shop felt it was the scum the dreggs of society.

But who did the Tories think it was, well we had they will have their council houses removed, we cannot have these people living in council houses, that should give Ms Flint on the opposition benches a furry feeling of happyness because labour wanted to do the same to the workless.

But hold on one person in court father owns a news paper, his daughter is a director of a company, another is a sports person, another is a social worker, another well you get the idea these are a cross section of society, I suspect they all got involved in the Riot and did not need or want a TV or a bottle of water, but just well got involved.

Ms May feels it's just crime everyone is a criminal she said it tens times in one interview, crime and criminals, these people are not human, but of course they are, they are humans and they are a cross section opf society. It must be annoying to see these people are not from council houses because it does not allow New or Newer labour to get into bed with the Tories.

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