Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Harriet cannot do wrong, and she says she should be second in comand...

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has defended her use of two day-release prisoners to paint her £450,000 home when they should have been doing community work.

Prison bosses have now launched an investigation into how the pair, who were working for free as part of a back-to-work scheme and were meant to be improving parks and clearing up rubbish-strewn streams, instead ended up spending two days redecorating a room in Miss Smith’s house last month.
Speaking on an LBC radio programme, she was guest presenting, Miss Smith said she wanted 'to set the record a little bit straight' and insisted the prisoners 'didn't have anything else on'.
It also emerged that, as payment for the work, Miss Smith donated an unspecified amount to a local charity which organised the project, the Batchley Support Group

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Nothing like being a socialist.....

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Draper, he's back

Our Dearly beloved Drapper remember this chap and Labour, he's back he's within the Blue Labour camp, seems blue labour is the camp for Failed MP's ( Purnell) or advisors, it seems a New Book which will tell us about how New sorry Blue labour will envolve, to become a major player will be printed by Drapers new media company.

Thats one way to get back in, but I suspect really labour voters will look at this and see Blue Labour for what it is, a group of people rejected in the main trying to sneak back in through the back door.
Thank god I've left the dam party if failed in more ways then one.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I'm told I need to get doctors letters of course £75, I will need to have a letter from all the consultants who will all tell everyone how serious fucked up my life is. cost well lets see £225 each were talking £1000.

Then I will need social services to tell these twats of so called ATOS doctors yes he is a risk yes he will cut his wrist, but he has some money to pay for a letter.

well sorry this ATOS doctor will need to work when he see's me no letters no medical documents, the DWP already has these they paid for them if they want them again they know where the doctors are.

I have not seen a specialist for six months and have no intention of going back to be told sorry no more we can do for you get on with life the best you can.

We are now told if your seen planting flowers in a garden or painting a fence from your wheelchair then your not bed bound, if you can drive a car I was told last month then you can drive a bus or a taxi, except of course the DVLA would need to give me back my full driving licence.

So what the fuck is going on are we saying now a person who cannot walk should not try or should not have a go are we saying sitting in a wheelchair gardening now means I can drive an HGV lorry.

So what is going on, I already get told by the Job center to check jobs at home do not come to the job center because we are to busy, if I check the computer where is the help which was promised, if they mean by help a snotty eighteen year old who will not shake your hands because you have something and might pass it on.

Riots was it the disabled that caused it, well yes we have done verything else.

Friday, 12 August 2011

London's burning, it was not me it was him

London's Burning and the police are standing watching, as one young officer stated all I had was my shirt, my stab proof vest and my shield not a lot you can do with that, true.

But who are these people that caused this battle, well one day it was Black drug dealers fighting over drugs, then it was council house scum, then it was sewer rats, one shop owner who had her BMW out side the shop felt it was the scum the dreggs of society.

But who did the Tories think it was, well we had they will have their council houses removed, we cannot have these people living in council houses, that should give Ms Flint on the opposition benches a furry feeling of happyness because labour wanted to do the same to the workless.

But hold on one person in court father owns a news paper, his daughter is a director of a company, another is a sports person, another is a social worker, another well you get the idea these are a cross section of society, I suspect they all got involved in the Riot and did not need or want a TV or a bottle of water, but just well got involved.

Ms May feels it's just crime everyone is a criminal she said it tens times in one interview, crime and criminals, these people are not human, but of course they are, they are humans and they are a cross section opf society. It must be annoying to see these people are not from council houses because it does not allow New or Newer labour to get into bed with the Tories.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Least we forget

Army soldiers Police with guns...................

HIS name was Major Brownlow Stuart and, as he faced what he regarded as a rebellious mob, he called up five marksmen. The order was barked: “Fire.” Two men died, two others fell, wounded. And so began a night of terror.

It happened 100 years ago this month, but this was not some colonial outpost being brought to heel. This was a street in a Welsh town.

It began when striking railwaymen halted a train from London as it approached Llanelli. They boarded it and put out its fire but were soon forced off by soldiers of the Worcestershire Regiment. They gathered above the railway line and bombarded the soldiers with stones and missiles.

That is what triggered Major Brownlow Stuart’s act of idiocy.

August 1911, when not only our own patch but half the country seemed in a state approaching revolution. A nationwide strike of stevedores, railwaymen and other transport workers protesting at pitifully low wages was bringing Britain to a standstill.

As food ran out there were even fears of famine in some major cities. Fifty thousand troops were sent into London where 200,000 demonstrators had taken to the streets of the city. As massive riots rocked Liverpool, with two men shot dead by soldiers, three warships steamed up the Mersey to protect merchant ships and the great transatlantic liners docked there. Cardiff was recovering from the violence surrounding the seamen’s strike – now it was Llanelli’s turn.

We heard the phrase often during the terrifying race riots in the US during the 1960s and here, that August, we suffered through a truly unforgiving long hot summer. Temperatures reached 100 degrees – in the shade – and, unbelievably to us a century on, the unrelenting heat killed 2,500 children, with London declared the second most unhealthy city in the world, the Thames as foul as the Ganges, disease sweeping through the slums.

On August 15, 40,000 railwaymen, protesting at low pay and long hours, stopped work. Llanelli’s men came out two days later and were joined by men from other industries. They closed the gates at two level crossings, allowing only the mail train through, and almost immediately troops, evidently well prepared, were rushed to the town to reinforce the police.

That is where we came in, that is when the battle began. A local magistrate read the Riot Act but he was ignored, so Major Brownlow Stuart gave his order. Tinplate worker John John, a celebrated local rugby player just 21, and a 19-year-old died. (An inquest would return a verdict of justifiable homicide.)

The deaths signalled the start of rioting and looting that lasted through the night. A wagon at a railway shed was set alight. It was full of explosives, the resulting blast killed two men instantly, three others died in hospital. The troops moved in at midnight and cleared the streets. The strike ended – but there was no respite for South Wales.

As calm came to Llanelli, hundreds of young men rampaged through Tredegar, looting shops owned by the town’s businessmen, inspiring similar attacks in 10 more Monmouthshire mining towns. Since most of the shops were owned by Jews some said that these were the first anti-Jewish riots for 200 years. But these claims were demolished by Prof SWD Rubinstein, a specialist in Jewish history.

He pointed out that non-Jewish shops were also attacked for economic, not racist, reasons by a working class that felt exploited by shopkeepers and landlords.

Earlier that month Britain’s first Labo

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

how many sick and disabled are now working


I asked how many people are now in work after labour and the Tories back to work, she said no records yet, it will take a few years, I said how many people are now getting IB and ESA, she said no records at the moment. So I said come on you must know a rough guide.

people claiming benefits for sickness and disability now stands at 2.6 million as from July this year.

But hold on hundreds of millions have been spent and yet disability welfare is going up from 2.4 million to 2.6 million, we are told 90% of people are refused benefits because they are scroungers, yet right now welfare is going up.

I'm not a racist well not yet, but could the government like labour in 1997 who knew they were going to do a bit of social engineering by an open door immigration, know that a lot of people who would end up here would in fact end up on welfare, immigrants cannot get welfare, oh yes they can if they come from the EU, or they come here to people who are already here.

Have we seen social engineering within Welfare.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Whats the difference

What is the difference between Labour and the Tories, not a lot really I see Progress is all over it's self telling us getting the workless and worthless back to work is a great idea, and paying job providers to do it well if it works it will be a great idea, they are backing the Tories in this.

I have just come back from my job center, no disability advisors today they have been moved to the job provider, but she's gone off ill again.

But one look at the computer and you find why we still have 16,000 people sitting at home in my area, being wasters, six jobs all six are paying commission only not a single real job.

So how much do we pay the job providers for sitting on their backsides, mine is the Shaw Trust, if it works as hard as it did before god help us all.