Monday, 14 November 2011

hard month

I was given new medication for the stroke last month and I have been feeling so tired, one day I slept in total 48 hours, my wife failed to wake me up doctors called, hospital. It took four weeks to find out the dam medication was working against each other and sending me into this coma like sleep. Some will say thank god.

But it's taken me four weeks to get rid of this medication out of my system, this week I have only been sleeping nine hours during the day, my worry i was like this when I had my stroke so tired.

Thankfully that one is sorted out again.


The Red Flag said...

Sorry to here about the stroke mate. Jesus you don't have much luck do you.

Robert said...

Nope but sadly it all comes from having the accident, the nerves in my spine are so damaged they fire off and you can here me screm miles away.

But I was lucky this time the damage is all down my left side not my right, and it mainly to my legs not my arms thank god.