Thursday, 25 December 2008


It's Christmas most companies are looking for extra staff, what happened this year, Down I go to see if anyone wants a disabled person perhaps to smile and hand out Baskets, always a good one for cripples.

This year nothing, I did get one smell when again a charity wanted me to stand out side the shops rattle the tin asking please give, when they see my wheelchair their eyes light up, sadly they wanted me to do it for nothing this year saying they need to focus on the people they are helping, funny it's the disabled this time.

I then went down to the Job Center to see what they had, the security guard asked what do you want mate who do you want to see. I said any jobs going, he laughed and said of course your taking the pee, yes said I'm taking the pee alright.

I was then told that a job I had asked about within the Job Center had been given to a previous employee who needed no training.

Hell what chance have you got.


Sohrab said...

Hey brother,

I found your blog because you'd commented on Azarmehr's blog. I was sad to read that, despite your many attempts, you haven't been able to find work. I'm US-based, so I can only wish you the best of luck in 09 and keep you in my prayers.

Robert said...

Well I think we have enough disabled people in the world without adding to it by wars , and both sides are to blame, but to crack a nut with a sledge hammer is a bit to far.

Shamik said...

Hey, fucker, you want a piece of me?

Iccle Anne said...

I hope you don't mind me popping in and reading your blog. I'm sorry to read that you've found it such a struggle to find a job. My experience of the job centre has been pretty poor, granted not as bad as yours, but trying to find a few hours of work for people I support (adults with learning disabilities) has proved a challenge - the only success I had was from directly approaching the company. Have a think what you can do from your wheelchair, and approach employers with that in mind. It might work? You sound like you're willing to try!