Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Well it's been a funny few months hospital and then treatment and then sickness due to treatment and then back for more hospital appointments. I have had my ESA medical nice doctor, which is never a good sign when your talking about medicals. A day later I banged my head when I fell over down the hospital with nose bleeds told I have damaged the back of my nose. I'm not to sure whether I will keep my benefits because the rules are now basically pot luck and have the doctors at ATOS hit their targets for the month if they have your likely to be ok if not you will be appealing, which helps ATOS because they are paid for getting the appeals done. I was talking to a lady who lost he claim for benefits went to the appeal sat down and was told to go home h she would be classed as severely disabled, three weeks later she is told she must go through the process again, this is placing massive pressure on her, but is adding I suspect to ATOS profits and to the Tories/Labour plans for lowering welfare. I see Cruddas has stated the labour parties fight back, by basically out doing the Tories, the bloke thinks that food banks are a great idea, what next labour will fund soup kitchens for the poorest since benefit are to be made lower. Then we are hearing labour does not mind private enterprise like boxing clubs taking on more as they would be cheaper then some public sectors, but how long before those charities think we can make more money by becoming private enterprise with share holders or we end w up with more like A4e types. I'm finding it harder and harder to see the differences between Miliband and Blair and the Tories to be honest.

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