Sunday, 25 September 2011

Floundering or refounding

It's conference and Labours going to work harder for the Tory swing voters, or as labour calls them the squeezed middle. We are told this is re-founding labour, they cannot regain the thousand if not hundreds of thousands of people who walked away, and they'll have one hell of a task to get the 5 million voters who just walked away. So labour has a plan people will just be moved from the Union levy to become well phantom members, even though we are already classed as Affiliated members anyway.

And you can register to become so called associated members people who have no interest in politics or labour but for a laugh might want to register, you get a leadership vote once 50,000 of you bother to join.

Then you have Blue Labour who will advise Miliband about becoming a Blue labour person, and then you have we are told Purple labour who will beat up Blue labour to take the prize of being well New Labour again, with god being in the back ground, did I write God, sorry Tony Blair.

I asked writing what will become of welfare to be told people will have to work, no more free meals, so no more free meals? what ever that means, because the Poor old taxing paying hard working middle class are fed up paying for free meals and Immigrants.

God the world has changed now people are seen as being a waste of space in Labour new world of Tory-ism

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