Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I watched a program this morning about a lady with a disability going to New Zealand, and I thought that's odd they turned me down three years ago, for being a burden on their health care, so I though it must have changed so I took a look and guess what! the BBC have done it again made a program for TV and bloody lied. New Zealand will not take anyone with a disability who will be a burden on their health care system, some bloody world of equality.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Well his week I'm looking to see if I can get into retraining something Labour has been spouting for a while now, I was turned down by the Job Center on the grounds of my age, straight out they said your to old and to be honest to disabled they quickly changed that saying your disability makes it difficult, well yes being disabled is difficult hence I'm not working.

So I get sent to another provider, I watched the place for twenty minutes having a cup of coffee it's empty, so I go in and notice a sign on the wall saying office staff needed training given, so I asked about the jobs.

Ah right the problem is our office is upstairs and we have no lifts or access sorry. This is from a government job provider training agency it has no access.

So I ask what about retraining I have this note from my job center, ah yes we need this for our record and to get payments for you.

Yes but I'm not sure your the one which can help us, yes but we will not give advice free, so I hand the note over and now this company becomes my provider for the year.

Ok what have you got to offer, ah nothing really we are looking around to get companies to work with us, but you have been here two years, yes but it takes time to work up a meaningful partnership.

Ok when do you think you might have a training regime in place, well perhaps sometime this year, and that's it.

They now get £190 for me joining and they said come back later on in the year.

This is Labour training program for the disabled and the unemployed little wonder nobody takes labour seriously anymore.

I've told the wife that's it's six years of doing everything I can to find work or to find training has seen me getting shafted from one stupid company to another and I've had it.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Nothing yet

Well this blog is going to be short, I've been told not to attend a further interview until July 2009.

So I've joined another private group who told me they would find me work within weeks because they have the pulse of the nation and the nations wants the disabled in work not sponging off the state. Nice to know I'm sponging, but I'm not I worked for 28 years non stop and then had an accident so the insurance part of my National insurance stamp pays for me, it's not my fault in labour uses that money for something else.

Sadly this week another 300 people have been made redundant in my area making it, in two years 9480 people laid off .

But Labour now has a problem does it not if it cannot spend more money to put more people into v cowboy training programs they will soon have more people unemployed then Thatcher did.